Happy International Women’s Day!
March 8, 2024

Here at Pascal Satori, we stand united not just as an all-women team but as thinkers, doers, and creators, dedicated to delivering amazing work for our clients. With multi-disciplined backgrounds and lived experiences, every member of our team brings a unique perspective to the table. This diversity is our strength, fueling our creativity and driving our success. 

As we come together to celebrate and advocate for each other every day, International Women’s Day offers us a special opportunity to spotlight the remarkable women who have touched our lives. Today, we’re excited to share stories from our team, recounting those pivotal moments when the influence of incredible women changed their paths for the better. 

Reflect on a moment in your life that was profoundly influenced by the presence or actions of women. How did their involvement shape your experience or perspective? Write about the impact they had on you and how it resonates in your memory.



In the very early stages of my professional career, an encounter unfolded that has since etched itself into my memory. It was my second year on the job, and I had just emerged from an in-person meeting with a client (remember when that was a thing!), alongside my very supportive female boss, in a room predominantly occupied by men. We had one of the middle-aged men flag myself and my boss down outside the building. He directed his gaze towards my boss, completely disregarding my presence, and said, “You should really get her public speaking training.” The words hung in the air delivered as if I were an absent participant in the conversation.

We would later discover that this man was leaving the company, seizing this last interaction as an opportunity to leave his mark with his unsought opinion. Yet, in that moment of vulnerability, my boss, a beacon of support, stood by my side and defended me.

I am a naturally shy and quiet person and this incident was more than just an uncomfortable encounter; it was a blow to my already fragile confidence. Yet, it was also a moment of revelation, highlighting the power of having an ally, particularly another woman, who would stand in my corner without a moment’s hesitation. Thankfully this remains a solitary incident not since repeated. But its lessons reinforced my belief in the importance of women supporting each other, especially in environments that often seek to diminish our voices. It’s important to lend our strength to others, creating solidarity that empowers us all to speak, to be heard, and to thrive.


Reflecting on a pivotal moment in my life, profoundly influenced by the presence and actions of women, I am drawn to a particularly memorable experience surrounding the birth of a close friend’s child. Inspired by the insights and guidance offered in the book ‘The Women’s Circle: How to Gather with Meaning, Intention, and Purpose,’ we decided to host a women’s circle in honor of our dear friend and soon-to-be mother. This gathering was not just an event; it was a profound expression of communal strength, empathy, and unity.

This intimate circle became a sanctuary where each woman could share her strength, voice her fears, extend her love, and weave a tapestry of support that was both empowering and transformative. It was a vivid reminder of the power that lies within women coming together, supporting one another in moments of vulnerability and celebration. The experience underscored the significance of female bonds and how these relationships can shape our lives, nurture our growth, and amplify our strength.

The impact of this gathering continues to resonate with me, serving as a testament to the incredible influence women have on each other’s lives. It highlighted the beauty of collective resilience and the profound effect of women’s solidarity. This experience not only shaped my perspective on the importance of female friendships and support systems but also left a lasting imprint on my heart, reminding me of the unique strength and wisdom that women bring to the table when they come together with intention and love.



Back in my late teens when I was studying in law school, I lived in a share house with 7 other women. 

I had well and truly hit the ground running when it came to adulthood. My family had just moved overseas to Australia, leaving me behind in the UK (my choice) and I had moved out of home for the first time. On top of this, both of my grandparents in Manchester were very unwell, so I was balancing helping look after them, working, and studying all whilst trying to figure out how to do basic everyday tasks like cook and do my laundry.

There were many moments during those years where I felt incredibly lonely and homesick. Through every trial and tribulation, being in such a supportive chosen family of kind, hard working, and inspirational women made every obstacle in my way easier to navigate thanks to their unwavering support and love. 

They taught me the value of community, of solidarity, and of mutual respect and friendship. Though this was almost 10 years ago now, their influence has been with me every step of the way and has influenced the way I treat others – particularly those navigating difficult chapters in their life.


My mom is a supermom to me and a passionate, hard working doctor. When Covid-19 hit Indonesia, she volunteered to be one of the front liners because the numbers of healthcare professionals were significantly lacking compared to the increasing number of cases. Working long hours a day, I couldn’t imagine the stress, pressure, and fear of the virus transmitting before there was even a vaccine. 

She’s a resilient woman with deep empathy towards others, and that’s what I’ve always been striving to be! I believe that one small act of kindness, if done wholeheartedly, can change other lives in a good way.


When asked about a specific instance of a woman who’s influenced me, it’s hard to pick just one. It’s more about the ongoing presence of women in my life. Day to day they lift me up, help me see the world with more empathy, and inspire me to be the best version of myself. Whether it’s at work, or during monthly book club gatherings, or even just swapping stories in the ladies’ room at the bar, I’ve been lucky to meet some truly remarkable women who have helped to shape me as I go.

Let us all take a moment to honour the remarkable women who have inspired us, guided us, and stood by us. The stories shared by our Pascal Satori team highlight the immeasurable impact of women—mentors, friends, family members, and colleagues—on our personal and professional journeys. 

Their stories encourage us to continue advocating for one another, fostering environments where women’s contributions are recognised, and their potential is fully realised. We can build a future that cherishes and uplifts every woman, ensuring that their voices are heard, their talents are nurtured, and their achievements are celebrated.

At Pascal Satori, we are committed to this vision—not just today, but every day. By coming together to share our stories and support each other, we reinforce the foundation of a community that thrives on mutual respect, understanding, and empowerment. 


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